How to make beautiful photo

9 Aug

“To make a touchy photo, the things that we have to arouse are our sympathy and empathy”

Jakarta, 9/8 (ClickFotografi) – As we know, photography is not an exlusive thing nowadays.

View of people toting DSLR camera is not longer uncommon thing. Taking picture seems to be a-must-thing-to-do in every important moments.

However, surely we want to catch not only  ordinary pictures but also capture beautiful pictures.

AntaraFoto Photojournalist Fanny Octavianus who often takes pictures of several culture occasion has some tips that must be useful for newbie photographer.

“To get some of beautiful photos we should comprehend the basic photography, like frame, lighting, line, range, expression and time,” Fanny said here, Monday.

Morever, we need to learn about basic principles of camera and must be discipline, in a sense of being determined in our point of view, Fanny said.

To get “alive” picture, we have to take picture with our ‘feeling’.

“To make a touchy photo, the things that we have to do is to arouse are our sympathy and empathy,” said Fanny, who once attended The World Press Photo Workshop 2004.

Everyone has different way to keep their sympathy and empathy. They may muse, listening to the music, watching film or reading a book.

We should also aware of the tools to use. When we take picture, we know what we should use whether it is variaty of lense, need or not to bring tripod and flash.

Last but not least, when we take picture, there is a message that we want to convey.  So, the photo we take can motivate other people.

Let’s practice!


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